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Defining the clutter...

Brand New- items that haven't been worn/used and doesn't fit.
New- items used once or twice and are still in mint condition. (PRICES NEG)
Loved- items that have been used. (NAME YOUR PRICE, first quote I think is reasonable gets it.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black Criss Cross Pumps: New

Size 37/6

This was a gift from my MOL, cos she thought I looked quite samseng in my black velvet flats. So did my SOL actually. :( But anyway, this pair, as you can see, has a narrow cutting. My little pinkie toes stick out of the shoes when I wear them. I've only worn it once. And if my MOL finds out I'm selling it, yikes!
Well, at least when I tell her the funds from this blog are all going to her granddaughter's education fund, she might not freak out. Much...
Oh, btw, the price is originally so high already cos it is a branded pair of shoes. A very good pair actually. Comfortable, good quality. Not like those of the mass produced standard. Anyway, I think it looks real good as well. And they are still in mint condition.

Original price: RM109.90 (Santa Barbara P&R Club)
Decluttering price: RM95 (neg)

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