It's time to declutter!!!

Defining the clutter...

Brand New- items that haven't been worn/used and doesn't fit.
New- items used once or twice and are still in mint condition. (PRICES NEG)
Loved- items that have been used. (NAME YOUR PRICE, first quote I think is reasonable gets it.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cute Turqoise Bow: Loved

Size 5

This belonged to my sister-in-law. The material is like suede? Some nice soft furry kind of texture?
She passed them on to me, cos my brother is making her clear out her closet. "Too much stuff", he said. It's probably a girl thing, to have closets bursting at the seams, and shoe cabinets that can't close... *shrugs* What to do bro, we're girls!
Anyway, I don't want it cos, a) I'm decluttering, remember? and b) It's the wrong size!

Original price: I have no idea. But it was bought in S'pore.
Decluttering price: name your price

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