It's time to declutter!!!

Defining the clutter...

Brand New- items that haven't been worn/used and doesn't fit.
New- items used once or twice and are still in mint condition. (PRICES NEG)
Loved- items that have been used. (NAME YOUR PRICE, first quote I think is reasonable gets it.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Peep-Toe Wedge: New

Size 8

Sob... Can't really bear to let this one go. Why do I have such wide feet? This felt like the correct size for me, size 8, but I think it was narrow so feels like size 7. But somehow, it just didn't fit right still. Again, I wore it only once. And it looked so good! The price to pay for looking good is pain? Maybe I should give this another go? Well, if no one takes you after a while, my little white wedges, I'm gonna give you another chance.

Original price: RM80 something
Decluttering price: RM65 (neg)

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