It's time to declutter!!!

Defining the clutter...

Brand New- items that haven't been worn/used and doesn't fit.
New- items used once or twice and are still in mint condition. (PRICES NEG)
Loved- items that have been used. (NAME YOUR PRICE, first quote I think is reasonable gets it.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Golden Dress: Brand New

I bought this dress from an online blogshop. It's still brand new, never worn except for trying to see if it fits. It is best suited for an S to a small M. The back is smocked and the hem is an upside down V, very unique. The satin like material and the gold colour with the autumn themed patterns give it a sensual feel
Good for wedding celebrations, company dinners or even a cocktail party. Places I hardly have a chance to go to since I'm a stay home mummy. I looked real good in it! But...

Original price: RM42
Decluttering price: RM42 ('cos it's still brand new!)

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