It's time to declutter!!!

Defining the clutter...

Brand New- items that haven't been worn/used and doesn't fit.
New- items used once or twice and are still in mint condition. (PRICES NEG)
Loved- items that have been used. (NAME YOUR PRICE, first quote I think is reasonable gets it.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sand Brown Half Pumps: New

Size 6

This other pair of Vincci half pumps are very comfortable. However, they look more suited for the working exec look. Why I bought them I also don't know. Think I was just in one of my shoe crazy moods. Again, I've no more need for them as I'm no longer working so they have gone into the decluttering pile as well.
Mint condition. Like brand new. Worn twice.

Original price: RM50 to RM60 plus (I think)
Decluttering price: RM45 (neg)

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